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EcoSave Project


Having ENA as the promoter of the project in partnership with Seixal, Sintra Oeiras, Barreiro, Alcochete, Montijo and Moita energy agencies and also Quercus this was a project that had its genesis the intention to evaluate the influence of user’s behavior in the energy performance of appliances.

The development of a simulator of consumption allowed users to evaluate the energy reduction associated to their appliances use habits. With this simulator was produced a guide that shows how to save energy with the use of these equipment’s.

On the Web page available at www.ecosave.orgyou can find information about all details concerning the development of the project, the rational use of electric appliances, the possibility to access at the consumption simulator, to the guide, to the postcards, to the poster and to the laboratory tests report which allowed the assessment of the influence of human behavior on the energy performance of appliances.

For more information: www.ecosave.org.pt


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