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YEACI Project

The YEACI project (Yearly Energy Cost Appliance Indication) supported by the intelligent energy Europe programme (IEE), coordinated by the Netherlands National Energy Agency partner of ENA alongside other eleven entities from European countries aims complement the information provided by the energy labeling with the information about the annual costs of energy and water consumption (when applicable) of the appliances. For the intend will be developed a database with running costs from all over the labeled equipment’s sold in the countries involved in the project. This database will be permanently updated and made available to the adherent’s stores.  

This will benefit the sales points since will have at their disposal a tool to elucidate the clients about the purchase of a product – show them the most expensive product at the time of purchase it will be more efficient and with advantageous economic consequences for the future.

This project intended to benefit consumers through clearer information about the relationship between the acquisition costs and the real operation costs of the equipment.



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