Technical Session - Energy Certification of Buildings

The technical session “Energy Certification of Buildings and Products” was promoted by ENA and ADENE toking place on February 18th, 2014 in the Auditorium of the support Office Manager - Livramento Market, Setúbal.

With the presence of more than six dozen technicians the session addressed the importance of new regulation of the national system of energy certification of buildings which account for approximately 40% of the final energy consumption in Europe. Improve their energy performance is a key factor for energy sustainability. This new regulation seeks to encourage the introduction of improvement measures.

Another issue highlighted in this session was the Products Energy Labeling System (SEEP) a system of marking or voluntary labeling that allows the end user to compare the energy performance of products for its energy class serving as a tool for encouraging the best choice of products and increased savings in the energy invoice of the families.

The results of the 2nd edition of the "Building ++" competition were also presented which aims to enhance and give visibility to public and private buildings whose construction characteristics enables them to achieve high energy performances.


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